Cloud application development FAQs

Is cloud computing same as Software as a Service (SAAS)?
  • SAAs is called out to be one of the several subsets of cloud computing. As SAAS pushed cloud computing by demonstrating that IT services could be easily made available over the web.
What types of applications can run in the cloud?
  • Technically, you can run any type of applications on the cloud. But that does not mean that it's a good idea. Regulatory and compliance concerns prevent enterprises from putting certain applications in the cloud, particularly those involving sensitive customer data.
Can applications move from one cloud to another?
  • Yes, applications can be moved from one cloud to another. But it may not be easy to do so. Adopting standard based technologies in order to ensure interoperability is one method that cloud vendors use.
How can I make sure my data is safe?
  • It is a concern to know the safety of your data as there is a danger of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. Before signing up with a cloud vendor, they should be questioned about data security practices, scrutinize SLA’s and also make sure that they have the ability to encrypt data both in transit and at rest.
What is public cloud?
  • A public cloud is a service that anyone can tap into with a network connection and credit card. Public clouds are easily accessible, multi tenant virtualized infrastructures that are managed via a self service portal.
What is a private cloud?
  • A private clouds attempts the same delivery models of public cloud within a firewall for the benefit of an enterprises users. Like public clouds, delivery of private cloud services would typically be done through a Web interface with self-service and chargeback attributes