Wordpress Integration


Wordpress integration or plugins is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. It allows to expand or extend the features and functionality of a website or blog

Plugins offer custom functions and features that enables users to tailor their sites as per their requirements and vision. Theses customization ranges from search engine optimization, to client portals that are used to display private information to those are logged in. there are various content management systems, content displaying features such as the addition of widgets and navigation bars. Most plugins are widely available in wordpress itself but there are other ways to download other plugins as well, many of which can be paid plugins. Since the vast majority of plugins are free, it is vital to note that they usually may not come tech support, this is why it is important to be careful with the ones you choose.

Although they are plugins, they can do the tasks that you want them to do. Wordpress integration enables top user experience, which is why it is so popular and widely used.

How much does it cost
for you

It depends on its complexity, time frame, maintenance and support.


What if my website is password protected?

You'll need to enable HTTP authentication for your wordpress site. This will allow you to bypass the password and import content.

Is hierarchy supported?

No, hierarchy structure is not supported. All the items are imported as a flat structure.

Does the plugin work with custom post types?

Ofcourse! The plugin works with custom post types. If you have one in Wordpress, it will appear as an option to when you're selecting the post type on the mapping defaults tab of the template mapping.

What is the process

  • Step 1 :

    Choose the right platform for your website

  • Step 2 :

    Choose the right website name (domain) and hosting

  • Step 3 :

    Configure your newly created WordPress website