Online shopping has become very popular in today's techno savvy world. The convenience of shopping online and not having to go physically to a store is what makes a webstore an amazing platform.

The best part about a webstore is that it is available 24/7. A webstore describes or provides a description about the products that are being sold, their instructions, safety procedures, price comparison and demonstrations which helps customers make the right decision during their purchasing process. The most important part is the review page that is available for every product, wherein the customers can go through the reviews of the products and purchase it or they can get reviews about products that may be new and depending on the reviews, the customer can buy the product or not.

Since webstores have become increasingly popular over the years and continues to grow in the market, many marketers and businesses are investing in these online stores. A webstore gives your company the recognition you need and also brings in more customers and profits to your company.

How much does it cost
for you

The cost to build a webstore store depends on exact project requirement and the complexity of it.


Is there any limit on the size of the product or customer database?

No, there are no limits to the size of the product. The best part about a webstore is that there is unlimited products and you can also grow your customers database as you require.

Am i allowed full customization?

Absolutely, customization is available wherein you can change your logo, fonts and personalize the colour of the website.

I have a unique business that requires a complex and customised site. Can you help me?

Yes, we specialize in developing complex and customisable site. We’d be more than happy to discuss about your unique requirements and provide you with tailor made solutions.

What is the process

The process of building a webstore is very systematic and complex:

  • Selection of domain name

    For a web store a strong and memorable domain name is required. Registering for a domain name will allow prospects to find your site easily and also allow to have more control on your website.

  • Setting up a merchant account:

    Setting up a 'Payment Gateway’ for your webstore is the best option as many customers prefer paying using their credit cards. A Payment Gateway helps process the payments and send the money to the business bank account

  • Choosing an Ecommerce storefront:

    There are 3 options that come along with choosing a storefront for your webstore.

    Simple :

    this option is used only if you are selling one product, you can just have one way for customer payments.

    Hosted :

    this option provides more than just one payment option. You can get your website hosted by other hosting services, which will allow you to create a store in a quick and easy way.

    Do it yourself :

    this is an evaluation process to check whether the payment methods are going smoothly. Consider how much support and help is available to you after the purchase and how frequently the products are being upgraded

  • Product description:

    All the products in a webstore need to be described properelyand in detail. This process is important as the customers are not physically available at the store to check the product, so a detailed description about the product will give them the confidence to purchase the product confidently. Just as important as how the product description is, a high resolution image of the product is also required.

  • Obtain SSL certificate:

    SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer’ certificate that encrypts the parts of your website that collect personal information,credit details,etc. Having an SSL certificate not only keeps your customers safe from hackers and identity thieves, but also gives your business credibility.

How does it work

e-commerce is a combination of three different systems:

  • Web server that can manage an online storefront and process transactions (making appropriate links to bank computers to check out people's credit card details),
  • Database system that can keep a check of the items the store has in stock (constantly updating as people make orders and ideally making new orders with suppliers when stocks run low), and
  • Dispatch system linked to a warehouse where the goods can be instantly located and sent to the buyer as quickly as possible.