Social Media Optimizations


According to Wikipedia’s definition, “Social media Optimization is the use of number of outlets and communities to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, service, brand or event”. To put it simply, Social media consists of tools and tactics such social media platforms, internet forums to bring awareness and publicity of a product or service to the people.

SEO and SMO are similar as both of their main goals are to generate web traffic and increase awareness for a website. In today’s world, public opinion matters a lot and social media provides that platform for them. That is why companies and businesses rely on these platforms to grow closer with the audience and in the process to gain their trust. The Objective of SMO is to create content that is interesting and unique with photos, videos, text that encourages and entices the audience to share the content on their social media profiles and to their friends. Common examples of social media engagements are “Liking and commenting on posts, Retweeting, Embedding, sharing and promoting content”.

How much does it cost
for you

The cost depends on relevance metrics and the audience you are targeting


If I am getting SEO done already, then is SMO still needed?

Social media optimization is a natural addition to SEO. SMO provides you a platform to promote your product, service, brand, etc and direct the content to your main website, SMO strengthens the brand image.

Is social media an appropriate step for small businesses?

It is definitely appropriate for small businesses to start up with their social media journey, since there is a large population that is active on social media channels. Besides these outlets, there are no better channels that can advertise your services well.

What is the process

Social media optimization is an analytical process of understanding social channels and it is very effective for the business when done right.

  • Social media platform analysis:

    Analyzing the current social media profile of the company. Keeping a check on the competitors social media activity and online presence. Researching the current external buzz of the company. This process is just to get an overall idea and understanding of the company’s current online presence.

  • Preparing the proposal:

    Reviewing the resources that are available internally. Identify and understand the current social media strategies of the company if any, and also reviewing their growth expectations

  • Keeping a report:

    Keep a report on the current research findings. Identifying and understanding which social media platforms would align with the business’s goals and objectives

  • Create the campaign:

    Producing content for social media platforms that are result driven. Content for these platforms should be eye catching and engaging enough to generate leads.

  • Performance tracking:

    Keep a track on the performance of these social media platforms. Check the engagement rate and update the client about the progress chart. Keep the social media profiles up to date.

How does it work

As mentioned SEO is the process of improving the website visibility in search engines via organic or paid search results. The production of good and relevant content is always important, this is where SMO plays an important role. This is the best way to produce good and engaging content to generate traffic and engage with the target audience.

  • It engages with your past, present and future customers.
  • One can share valuable and important information on these social media websites.
  • Engage with the audience, answer questions or queries of customers inorder to build trust.
  • Connecting your social media contents to your official website or through search engines based on Search Engine Optimization.s