SMS Marketing


A short message service marketing is a technique wherein permission based text messaging is widely or primarily used to spread promotional messages. Text messaging is a very effective method as it promotes direct line communication with the audience

The main goal of sms is to build a strong database of subscribers to increase customer loyalty. Unlike email which may be checked only a few times daily, text messages are opened very quickly. If you include a link in your text message, it is a good way to generate traffic to your website.

The main feature of sms marketing is that it brings high engagement rate. You can deliver very critical information with a high success rate. It can be used for urgent updates, appointment reminders, short term promotions, internal alerts and so on. Text messaging can be a great addition to your digital marketing efforts regardless of what business type you have.

How much does it cost
for you

This question cannot be answered easily.


When does sms marketing begin?

Sms marketing begins when the mobile user sends a particular keyword as a message to a shortcode. It can be like TextOFFER to 5555

How often should i send my sms marketing campaign?

The frequency of the messages should be not more than 2- 3 times a month. It is not advisable to send the same messages over and over again.

What is the process

  • Strategize:

    Have a marketing team strategize and come up with a full plan. Having a strategy will ensure that the further processes will be properly handled.

  • Know the customer

    It is important to keep detailed information about the customers . this helps in creating more personalised messages that cater to the individual customers.

  • The message:

    The message should be clear and to the point. It should be short and engaging so that the readers will be curious of what you have to offer. Remember to also add a call to action, to increase customer engagement and further the conversion process.

  • Focus on your best clients:

    Your best clients are the ones who are loyal. Identify those customers and dedicate extra time and resources to them.

How does it work

Have a clear call to action that would help in the customer conversion process.

Make sure the contents of an sms is short and concise. Unlike an email where the content can be more detailed and longer, an sms has to short and sweet with all the necessary information on it.

Keep a track on who is responding to the messages, what is their response and whether they are proceeding with the conversion process.