Payment Gateway


A payment gateway is a merchant service that is provided by an ecommerce application service provider that authorizes credit card or direct payments that are processed for E businesses online retailers and so on.

Payment gateway are softwares that allow transaction information to acquiring banks and responses for issuing banks. In simple language, it means that payment gateways facilitate communication within banks. It can situated entirely in a digital environment or other physical point of sales in brick and mortar locations.

Payment gateways can be subscription based or they may charge fees for each transaction. In general it helps merchant to effectively serve customers

How much does it cost
for you

The cost for payment gateway service cannot be determined beforehand. It depends on the client's requirements


Is the payment gateway secure enough?

A payment gateway is very secure since it stores a lot of customer details and transactions, this is why they have high security.

What is a virtual terminal?

It is a system that allows manual processing of credit card transactions by means of an electronic transaction.

Why get an online payment gateway?

A payment gateway gives the user a better experience & assures a secure pathway between a customer and the merchant to facilitate payments securely.

What is the process

  • Collect:

    Payment gateway captures the credit transaction. Which means that when a customer makes a purchase, the payment goes to the merchant and is then transferred to payment gateway.

  • Encrypts:

    The information collected is encrypted, so the customers information and the transaction information is encrypted for security purposes.

  • Route:

    The information is sent to the concerned bank for authorization. Once the bank authorizes the transaction, the payment can be made

  • Returns:

    The payment gateway transfer the information to the merchant, after the bank has either accepted or declined the transaction.

How does it work

Payment Gateway follows simple steps

Customers place an order on the website that they have visited by checkout or place an order.

The merchant securely gets the information and transfers the information to the payment gateway. When the customer chooses the payment method, the transactions is issued to the bank

After the authentication process is successful, the bank declines or accepts the transaction.

Payment gateway informs the merchant accordingly.

The bank then settles the payment with the payment gateway and then they settle the payment with the merchant.