How does web designing work?

web designing follows a systematic process:

Understanding the clients:

this means to understand the clients goals and requirements, their target audience and any type of information that can be gathered.


The design is the important stage in web designing, it involves taking the information and planning it into reality. The information gathered should be formed into a site structure.

Web development:

This stage involves developing a website framework, building code templates for each page type, develop and test special features and interactivity, fit the pages with content and lastly test and verify the links and its functionality.


the final step in the web development is to launch the website and prepare it for public viewing. it is important to make sure that all the design elements, the contents and functionality if the website is polished and working smoothly.

Post launch:

The clients are always open to share any questions they may have. This is an important step to keep a long lasting relationship with the clients. Communication with them can be used for future maintenance and ongoing support.