Email Marketing


It is the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people via email. Email marketing enables targeting of consumers through electronic mail. With the use of email one can promote their products and services. Email marketing is also said to build customer relationship and also build a relationship with potential clients.

Emails can be of two types Transactional and Direct. The main purpose or criteria of transactional emails are to complete a commercial transaction that the recipient has previously agreed to enter into with the sender. The criteria of direct emails involves sending an email solely for the purpose of communicating a promotional message.

Particular groups of people can be targeted or even individuals.offering customers special deals and discounts is part of the email marketing strategy.

How much does it cost
for you

The cost of email marketing may vary.


Why should i personalise my emails?

Personalised emails make the customers engages in the email you are sending to them

What is the best way to build an email marketing strategy?

Identify your specific marketing goals. Ask yourself, is this email for customer retention, conversion of prospects or other goals. The nest part is making sure that the emails align well to the marketing goals.

What is the process

  • Planning:

    Identify the goals and objectives of the company, make a plan accordingly.

  • Target groups:

    Identify the target market. Their email address and contact info must be taken.

  • Producing the content:

    The content of the email must be produced. The content should be interesting and engaging to keep the customers kooked to your content and enable further conversion process.

  • Email blast:

    The emails have to be sent to the customers. Emails that bounce back as undelivered have to be processed accordingly, depending on the reason for the non deliverability.

  • Evaluation:

    Evaluate the results of the email broadcasts, the rate of emails opened, undelivered, lick clicks, orders, sales and so on.

How does it work

Subject line:

A subject line must be attractive enough to gain the customers attention. Even though it is a small copy of information, it is still very important in an email as it can make or break your marketing strategy


The body is the main part of an email, the content of the body should be interesting enough to read. Playing around with the text fonts, layout and designs can really enhance an email.

Call to action:

A call to action is a strategy that drives the reader to the next step of conversion. A CTA, usually comes at the end of the email.

Landing page:

If you want the conversion process to take action, you will need to develop a landing page that will guide the reader to the conversion process. The content of the landing page should be conversion focused, offering readers the information and motivating them to make the purchase.