Ecommerce Application


Ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmission of funds and data over a network electronically termed as the Internet.

There are various Ecommerce applications available:

Online market and purchase

Retail and wholesale .





Online publishing

Online booking

How much does it cost
for you

The cost depends on the devices being used and the size of the design that has to be tailored to.


Why is it important for business owners to create an Ecommerce website?

People prefer to purchase products online rather than going to a physical store. Having an E commerce website helps you target this market base and keep your customers informed about all the latest products and services.

What are the security risks involved in E commerce sites?

Business owners should make sure that they use full proof strategies to make the site and transaction secured. This is important inorder to avoid hackers to get access to customer details, transaction detail, etc.

What is the process

  • Online market and purchase:

    Online market and purchase: This application collects data about customers behaviour, preference and buying patterns. This helps in enhancing customer relationship, price fixations, negotiation, improving product feature and generally improving customer relationship.

  • Retail and wholesale:

    ecommerce has many applications that focus on buying and selling goods and services online. This attracts the customers to the virtual space through a web browser.

  • Finance:

    Financial companies are taking full advantage of Ecommerce. This enables customers to check their financial statements, balance of their savings and loan accounts, transfer money as well as pay their bills through online banking or E banking.

  • Manufacturing:

    E commerce is applied in supply chain operations of a company. It involves the buying and selling of goods and services, trade market information and run back information such as inventory control. With the help of E commerce the flow of raw materials and finished goods are sped up.

  • Auctions:

    direct selling of goods between consumer to consumer with the help of a bidding system is called electronic auctioning

  • E-banking:

    A financial institution can conduct financial transactions on a website.

  • Online publishing:

    This application includes the digital publication of e-books, digital magazines and the development of digital libraries and catalogs.

  • Online booking :

    This application helps the travel and tourism industry to support reservation through the internet. The customers can book flights, hotels, holiday packages and other services online

How does it work

Ecommerce works through systematic steps, utilize website codes, database and 3rd party applications for payment. This is how they work:

  • A prospect comes across an Ecommerce website through search engines, paid advertisements, referral traffic, etc.
  • The E commerce website connects to its database. The database contains information regarding the products, product dimensions and weight, articles, content and images, etc.
  • After browsing the prospect adds his/ her products in a virtual shopping cart and then proceeds further for checkout.
  • The shoppers credit information goes through a payment gateway to handle the transaction securely and remotely.
  • When the transaction process is completed. Typically, the website will provide the customer with the estimated delivery date, shipping details, postal tracking number, etc
  • As transactions take place, orders are stored in the website admin and sent to an order fulfilment team.