Domain Management


A domain name is the most important part of the users web presence. It is the address of the company website on the internet. The domain name is a complex process because of which the companies work with agencies to manage and control.

It is the core component of the company’s online presence. A domain needs ongoing management whether its a single owned domain or a large portfolios of domains owned by large corporations.It includes domain status, changing domain details and renewal of domain name. Domain management systems and tools help the user in keeping the domains protected and updated to tracking the performance with sophisticated analytics

How much does it cost
for you

The type of domain name registered is always going to influence the price


How long is my domain name valid?

An option is available to keep your domain name valid 1- 10 years. By this if you choose 1 year, you will have to renew annually to still remain valid and if you choose multiple years you have to renew it when the period is over.

Now that i have a domain name, what can i do with it?

There are several uses of a domain name. It can be used for Email accounts, Web Hosting, Search Engine submission, URL Forwarding, Web Design Template, etc.

What is the process

Domain management systems and tools help the user in keeping the domains protected and updated to tracking the performance.


    With the use of sophisticated analytics for tracking unauthorized uses, site performance, and other key metrics, these services can work with clients to address issues and immediately make changes to existing domains or the portfolio as a whole.


    Domain management tools if needed are available either through the registrar, or they can be integrated into the control panel provided by a web hosting service. These tools offer a graphical, non-technical way to manage settings related to maintaining all the domains on a user’s account.


    Maintenance of domain name secures a user’s “realm of authority” on the Internet and makes it possible for individuals and businesses to create an online presence. Whether you’re a sole owner, a small business, or a large corporation, managing your domain is as important as managing your website.


    The most common option and process for ongoing domain management is annual renewals. We will send reminders when your renewal is coming due, so you can decide if you want to keep using your domain, and make sure you make the necessary payments on time to keep your website functioning.


    Keeping a proper track of all your domains can be bothersome, and perhaps not part of your daily routine. With our proper Domain Management tools the full lifecycle of domains are processed by us.

How does it work

Domain Management is essential to perform tasks such as renewing or terminating domain name registration, determining nameservers and hosting providers and if required making changes to the domain names.

There are a wide variety of paid or free domain management tools that will help manage and update the web domain. Another option for users with multiple domains or corporations with a large portfolio of domains can get their domain management outsourced.