Cyber Security


Cybersecurity is a protection system of internet connected systems which includes hardware, software and data from cyber attacks. It is important because there are very sensitive data on computers and other devices like government or military data.

Cybersecurity covers major areas like application security, information security, disaster recovery and network security. Recent technological advancements have opened up new opportunities and possibilities for cybersecurity but unfortunately the adversaries have benefited from these advancements as well

Cyber security tools and techniques incorporate automation, machine learning and shared threat intelligence to help organizations get ahead and stay on the cutting edge to combat advanced threats.

How much does it cost
for you

The cost depends on the complexity of the cybersecurity needed.


Why do we need cybersecurity?

There is an increase in sensitive information being online that is why it needs to be protected. Cybersecurity helps keep these sensitive information protected from cyberattacks.

What is the process

There are three tactics or approach to the cybersecurity process:

  • People:

    The first step to combat cyberattacks is to train the employees to be aware of potential scams. Creating strong passwords that are unique to each account. Ensuring that all the applications and softwares are updated on time and are regularly scanned.

  • Processes:

    Ensuring proper backups are made and proper testing is conducted every now and then.

  • Technology:

    There are technologies that are developed to keep the systems protected. Professionals find out quick solutions and create automatic security systems.

How does it work

Ensuring that employees have the basic knowledge of cybersecurity and protection. The obvious step that the employees are told, is to not open suspicious emails from unknown senders

Scanning is another way to be more safe and protected. Scanning should be done frequently just to be sure.